orlaghclaire.com was created September 2016 as an outlet for me to document my thoughts and views on the world of PR and anything else that interested me.

My name is Orlagh Shanks and I have recently completed my second year of university (with another 1:1) at Liverpool John Moores University on the Business with Public Relations degree. I am currently undertaking a placement year with Coty in London, working as the PR/Influencer Marketing Assistant aka the best job in the world.

Public Relations is a career I can 100% see myself pursuing after graduation and in years to come I hope to open my own PR agency.

I’ve never been a home-bird and that is why in September 2015 I packed my bags and left the island of Ireland to move to Liverpool, England.

PR Experience


I’ve had a lot of experience working in the PR industry, for example before I started my PR degree I worked on Belfast Fashion Week with CMPR and I also worked as the PR Executive for The Burn Nightclub, Lurgan where I ran many events and PA’s.


In November 2016 I was recruited as Internal Communications Assistant at MD Insurance Services, Birkenhead where I worked two days a week alongside my studies, gaining valuable experience in the communications sector as well as public relations and event management. I also spent a week interning at Influential Marketing and Public Relations just before commencing my new role with MDIS.

I then worked full-time as Internal Communications Assistant at MDIS for the month of April and beginning of May 2017 as soon as I finished my second year of university. At the end of May, I spent four weeks interning at Bold Management, Liverpool, gaining experience in the celebrity and publicity side of PR which was great fun!

Once the four weeks of Bold Management were up, I moved straight down to London for my next internship at The London Fashion Agency where I spent five days before beginning my year with Coty the following week.


Since July 2017 I have been employed as the PR & Influencer Marketing Assistant of the Luxury division of Coty, working on brands such as Gucci, Tiffany & Co., Burberry, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Chloe and many more. I’m currently having the time of my life and you can read all about my placement year here. I will be extremely gutted to leave but I must return and finish my degree!

I am due to finish my placement year in July 2018, so am already thinking of where I could intern for the month of August before returning to university. I have the luxury that I can stay in London for another month, return to Liverpool and find something there or spend a month at home and intern somewhere in Belfast. Who knows what is to come!

When I return to university in September 2018 to commence my third and final year, I will have 17 consecutive months of full-time PR work experience under my belt.

I am always looking for ways in which I can learn more about public relations and I love to intern so that I can get an inside view and put theory to practice.


If you would like to know more about the name on your screen, find me on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Or contact me via email: orlagh@orlaghclaire.com



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