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GQ Men of the Year Awards 2017: I WAS THERE

You’re probably wondering how on earth someone like me could have been invited to an event such as this and how in the world I managed to bag myself a ticket.…

I attended the GQ Men of the Year Awards with Hugo Boss in the Tate Modern, and to say it was a highlight of my life would be an understatement!

#PlacementYear: Month Two

Studies say that we spend more time at work than we do with our own families. So it’s only right that we find a job that we love, isn’t it? For…

#PlacementYear: Month One

I think I’ve mentioned quite a lot about how fast time is moving by, and how I can’t believe that x amount of weeks have already passed, but oh my word,…

VIP At Lovebox Festival

Imagine you haven’t even started your new job, but two weeks before your first day, you get an email asking if you mind going to Lovebox Festival to meet influencers and…

#PlacementYear: My First Week

These past few months have been an absolute blur. I’ve been so busy and time has just went so fast, I can hardly keep up. The first week of my placement…