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How Instagram Hiding Likes May Affect Influencer Marketers

I had a post almost ready to go tonight about Instagram hiding likes and the reasons I welcomed the idea. The blog was actually titled ‘Why I Sometimes Wish Social Media…

New Nike Campaign: Show Them What Crazy Can Do

Nike released their new ad campaign on Sunday, showing what ‘crazy’ sportswomen can achieve. As women, we’re often labelled ‘psychotic, emotional and over-dramatic,’ but are they just stereotypes? And can’t boys…

Holly Nichols – Let’s Hear it for the Girls Campaign

I saw images in the news last week of the Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge store having its sign changed to ‘Holly Nichols’ and thought, ‘What an odd rebranding’. With the recent name…

The ‘Worst Ad Campaign Ever’?

Is it something in the water? Or something in the Pepsi? April has seen a number of brands fall flat on their faces with disastrous and mostly baffling content. I find…