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The Art of Turning 21

You may have noticed I’ve been quite AWOL on here the past few weeks. Well, those of you who regularly check my blog. Hello to all two of you. The reason…

Going it Alone

Time to get a little bit personal. How personal? Who knows. Hopefully not very if I don’t ramble on too much. This is something that has been floating around my head…

All-Ireland Football Final: ‘The Beautiful Game’

Let me set the scene Two teams. One trophy. Sunday 17th September 2017. Croke Park, the third largest stadium in Europe, at full capacity with 82,300 people viewing the game from…

#GirlBossMonday with Emma Kelly

It’s that time of the week again: #GirlBossMonday! Emma Kelly is the founder and Managing Director of Elevate PR, Dublin; a creative PR and social media agency with a strong digital focus. The PR agency specialises in lifestyle, consumer,…

#GirlBossMonday with Martina Quinn

It’s that time of the week again: #GirlBossMonday! What a historical weekend it has been. On Friday we watched as Donald Trump was inaugurated into the White House as the new President…