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#FridayFive: Five Places to Eat in Hoboken

I’ve had this blog post planned for a while as I love to go to Hoboken for good food. It’s only a ten minute walk from where we live in Newport,…

#FridayFive: Five Brunch Spots in West Village, Manhattan

Brunch used to be a staple in my weekly plans in New York. Now though, not so much. I did visit a fair few well-known places in Manhattan before isolation began…

My Recipe for Exam Success

As the university year comes to an end, I thought it the best time to attempt the final Pro Plus challenge. The challenge is to come up with my best fuel-filled…

#GirlBossMonday with Kate Johns

It’s that time of the week again: #GirlBossMonday! Kate Johns is the Managing Director of Nudge PR, London. Nudge PR specialise in food and drink, working with many established brands. Just looking through Nudge’s website and…

We Are… Student Scran!

  Are you a student? Are you a culinary extraordinaire? If you answered ‘yes’ to the first question and ‘no’ to the second, then I have the solution for you. This year,…