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2020: New Year, New Location, New Goals

It’s my favourite time of year, once again. If you’ve been around for a while then you’ll know that I always love January 1st and the opportunity it brings to make…

2019: New Year, Same Me, New Goals

I usually can’t wait for January 1st to start the New Year with new goals and a clean slate. It kind of feels like anything that happened in 2018 is forgotten…

2017: Looking Back at the Best Year of My Life

People always say how quickly the years pass by, ‘Where did that year go?!’ and ‘How is it almost 2018?!’ but when I look back at 2017, it seems to have…

2017, I’m Ready For You

It may be the second day of January 2017 but does anyone really start their New Year Resolutions on a Sunday? 2016 is well and truly OVER. If there was¬†anything to…