American Beauty Brand Glossier Has Landed in the UK

glossier uk launch

‘What was life before Glossier?’ is a question you will find yourself asking now that the American cult beauty brand has finally landed in the UK today. Created by the amazing 32 year-old Emily Weiss, the Glossier brand sees revenues rising 600% year-on-year – Girl Boss? Damn right.


When it comes to everyday makeup, for me, less is really more. I love minimal foundation, so that your natural skin can shine through and most importantly, breathe. A lightweight foundation, some bronzer to look a little tanned, mascara to open the eyes, some blusher for the cheeks (although I won’t be needing this once the cold weather kicks in) and of course, the eyebrows.

For minimal makeup, Glossier is one of the best about. And thankfully for those of us who like the minimal look, they’ve just launched in the UK today. After taking the US by storm and being highly desired and adored by beauty journalists all over the UK, Glossier have finally listened (and weighed up the market opportunities) and gave the people what they need – a new makeup brand for all of us to spend our hard earned cash on.

With only 30 products on the Glossier roster, the brand is much more ‘skin first, makeup second’.

Emily Weiss started off writing a beauty blog, Into the Gloss (which is amazing FYI) in 2010 while she was a Fashion Assistant at American Vogue and grew the brand through Instagram. With 759,000 followers and growing every day, Emily realised that most of her followers were international and that there were a lot of people asking for the brand to come across to the UK.

The makeup may be minimal, but so too is the packaging. With a clean white bottle with pastel pinks to contrast, the packaging is very simplistic and chic – something that Emily wanted as she understood that this is the sort of product her customers were looking for. Also known as products that look good on an Instagram grid. Thank you Emily.


What I’ve ordered

I’ve only ordered two products to start off, as I want to see if it’s worth the hype and also if it agrees with my skin.

I watched Sophie Beresiner’s (ELLE’s Beauty Director) morning train routine (as I seem to do every morning now) today on her Instagram story and she was using a lot of Glossier products to coincide with the launch. She used the Stretch Concealer which I had already heard good things about and the Cloud Paint blusher in Beam. I hadn’t actually seen this product before but I have always been sceptical of liquid blushers, never having used one. But it looked really natural and added a soft pink to her cheeks which made her look healthy and very awake ready to tackle the day ahead.

She also used the Haloscope highlighter, but I’m saving my money for a Fenty highlighter. Sorry Emily, it’ll be on next month’s wish list. Oh and I’ve also heard great things about the Boy Brow which is meant to be amazinggg so I’ll also be purchasing that next month.

So off the back of Sophie’s quick morning tutorial, I bought the Stretch Concealer in shade ‘light’, as I was blessed – so some would say. Me? Not so much – with very pale Irish skin, and also the Cloud Paint liquid blusher in shade Beam. It seems to have an orangey hue, rather than a really pink tint like Daze. I prefer a more deeper shade that is hinting towards a bronzer rather than looking pink-cheeked and constantly blushing.

I’ll have a full review up once I receive and test. I need to read up on more of their skincare products before I go ordering any but the Moon Mask looks goooood.

glossier uk launch

How to get some for yourself

You won’t find the brand on Beauty Bay or Cult Beauty, or in your nearest Superdrug store. You’ll have to purchase through the brand’s own website or if you’re lucky enough to be in New York, you can purchase in the Glossier store.

I also have a 10% discount link right HERE. Don’t say I don’t spoil you.

While you’re busy shopping, I’ll be over here trying to work out whether it’s pronounced Gloss-ee-ur or Gloss-ee-yeh. The Northern Irish in me is edging towards the strong ‘ur’.


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