My Debenhams Christmas Wish-List

Debenhams Christmas

Is it too early to start talking about Christmas? In my opinion, once the 31st of October has come and gone, absolutely not. I adore Christmas. I mostly adore the run-up to Christmas rather than the day itself. It’s kind of a huge build up of expectations to just eat too much food and fall asleep watching a Christmas movie. I don’t know about you, but I much prefer the excitement before and after.

As I get older, my Christmas list becomes shorter and shorter. I start asking for things that I need rather than want. Like clothes, things for my flat (yes I feel old), money and skincare. Rent money being the most desired. You’d think I wouldn’t be needing any more perfume, but it’s still made my list.

When Debenhams got in touch to tell me about their Christmas campaign, I was more than happy to get involved. Debenhams have such a great range of gift ideas to suit your mum, dad, boyfriend, wife, grandmother, cousin and friends. You can head to the Christmas section of their website and find the perfect gift for someone this Christmas.

Below are eight things that make my Christmas list this year. *emails blog link to my mother*

1. Clarins 12 Days of Advent Calendar Skincare Gift Set

I don’t know who first came up with the idea of turning the usual chocolate advent calendars into beauty calendars, but I would like to thank them very much. A new beauty product every morning during the first 12 days of Christmas? Yes please. As the song goes, ‘On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: a 10ml under-eye protection serum’.

The Clarins counter in Debenhams is somewhere I always find myself spending a lot of time when I visit the store. It all looks so amazing and the consultants always look so glam.

I was delighted to receive the Clarins Advent Calendar and can vouch that it is very much worth the money. It’s one of the best beauty advent calendars I’ve seen on the market and I now have tons of new lotions and potions to try out over the next few months. I would definitely recommend this for a skincare addict (like me).

If this advent calendar sounds like a bit of you, check out the rest of the advent calendars Debenhams are selling this year. And if you, or whoever you’re planning on buying for, happen to be more beauty orientated, check out all of the beauty advent calendars Debenhams have on offer this year.

Clarins Advent Calendar

2. Urban Decay Born to Run Palette

Every year, I seem to have an eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay on my list. Usually it’s the next installment in the Naked series, but this year I’ve got my eye on the Born to Run palette. The colours look insane!

3. Crackling Wood Fire Yankee Candle

There’s nothing I love more than a cosy night in; fresh bedsheets, new pyjamas, facemask on, Netflix open, tons of snacks and a candle burning. Last Christmas my team’s director bought us all a Yankee Candle advent calendar – see, there’s not just beauty and chocolate ones! I’ve been addicted to having candles burning ever since.

My favourite is the Crackling Wood Fire, especially coming into the cold, wintery nights.

Yankee Candle

4. Gin O’Clock glass by Julien McDonald

Sorry to say, I am one of those girls that never liked gin until she realised it was actually the tonic that she didn’t like. My usual vodka blackcurrants have long gone out the window and I’m now an avid gin drinker. I never thought I’d see the day. Now any time I hit the town, I don’t stray from my gin and lemonade.

The only thing I’m missing? A fancy gin goblet. I’ve come across this gorgeous one by Julien McDonald that would fit in perfectly in my flat in Liverpool. Now all I need is a bottle of Gordon’s gin to be wrapped up under the tree alongside it.

5. Baylis & Harding Rose Prosecco Fizz Bodycare Cracker Gift Set

Baylis & Harding are one of my favourite brands from Debenhams. I don’t feel truly pampered unless I’m using their bath products. You can also bet that anything with ‘prosecco’ in the title is going straight on my list. Nothing makes one feel more classy than a glass of prosecco. And how classy would one be to be smelling of the stuff? Very.

Baylis & Harding Nails Inc.

6. GLAMGLOW ‘Multimasking’ Mask Treatment Set

There’s nothing I love more than a face-mask. With skin as sensitive as mine, I usually tend to try everything and anything to get rid of blemishes, wake my skin up, cool it down, add more Vitamin C, make it shine, you name it – I’ve tried it.

7. Nails Inc. Champagne Shine Nail Polish Duo

Is it just me or is this list very much heading in the way of subtle alcoholism? If I thought I would be classy smelling of prosecco, just how classy am I going to be with champagne on my fingers and toes?!

Nails Inc. are an amazing brand alongside OPI and I wouldn’t use anything else. Gone are the days when I was a Barry M devotee. I love subtle tones on my nails, especially light pinks and nudes (when I don’t paint them black) and this duo set is the perfect pair for the Christmas period.


The ALAÏA brand is more famous for its clothing designs but this perfume holds a very dear place in my heart. I actually bought this perfume in the Debenhams sale in Dublin two years ago, the weekend after Christmas. I remember being on the hunt for a perfect musky scent and once I smelt this, I was hooked. To me, this scent is my second year of university in a bottle. I wore it on my nights out and still do. Two years later and I now have about 5ml left and need a re-fill to see out my final year in Liverpool. I love how you can tie memories and feelings to particular scents and once you get a whiff again, it brings you right back.

After working in fragrance for a year, you’d think this would be the last thing on my list but I just adore this fragrance. Other fragrances I would recommend for Christmas include: Tiffany & Co. EDP – the perfect gift (who doesn’t want to see that Tiffany blue underneath their tree); Gucci Bloom EDP – I feel more expensive with every spritz; and Calvin Klein Women – my scent of 2018 – the campaign, the smell, everything about this perfume was perfect.

Debenhams Christmas Wish List
Wondering what to put on top of your tree this year?

*This blog post is part of a Debenhams Christmas wish-list campaign. All reviews are honest and I only recommend products I would buy myself.*


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