The Best Brunch Spots in Liverpool

The Best Brunch Spots in Liverpool

Following on from my list of best brunches in London, I thought I’d start sampling the breakfasts and brunches that Liverpool has to offer. As it is my favourite meal of the day and you can’t go too far wrong with poached eggs and avocado, it was time to put Liverpool to the test. You can also find all images of brunches sampled in London, Lurgan, Dublin and beyond in my ‘brunch’ highlights reel on my Instagram here.

As with my London list, I’ll keep coming back and updating the list with every brunch I have. You’ll also notice that I mainly stick to independents in Liverpool (apart from the very rare occasion I head to Bill’s).

In no particular order, here are the best places for breakfast/brunch in Liverpool:

1. Leaf, Bold Street

A regular of mine, I visit Leaf for breakfast at least once every few weeks. I’ve only ever been getting the same dish every time I visit – poached eggs, avocado and toast. This place holds a very big breakfast shaped piece of my heart as it was the first place that I ever tried avocado. And how far we’ve come since.

I soon learnt that chili flakes in avocado is a must, as well as pairing it with grilled tomato. I would always recommend Leaf on Bold Street for breakfast as the atmosphere is always lovely first thing in the morning. If you’re a tea person, there’s nowhere else you should go.

They also do great pancakes and if you’re in need of a stiff drink that early in the morning, they have great craft beers from Liverpool.

Leaf on Bold Street

2. Our Kitchen, Bold Street

I visited here a few months ago when it was stifling warm and Bold Street was pretty packed. I had walked past the storefront a lot but never took any notice as it looks quite small from the outside. My mum and I ordered the same dish and yes there was avocado involved.

The only problem we had was the wait. I think we waited over an hour for our breakfast to arrive. It was a good thing we weren’t starving! It’s a vegan restaurant and I don’t think I’d ever had peppers for breakfast before this. It was a little different, but I enjoyed it and the portion size was very generous. I’ll definitely be back.

Our Kitchen Bold Street

3. East Avenue Bakehouse, Bold Street

My love for Bold Street grows with every eatery I visit. I’ve walked past this bakery almost every day but didn’t actually know there was a sit-down café aspect to it. My friend recommended we head there for breakfast on a Saturday morning and I was intrigued to try it out. Not going to lie, I was quite skeptical as my go-to is always Leaf on a Saturday, but I must say I was pleasantly surprised. It was one of the best brunches I’ve had in Liverpool (which is why I’ve stuck it in near the top so you don’t miss it).

I ordered the avocado on toast (typical) but it came with a tomato relish as well as two poached eggs and tasted so good. My friend ordered ‘The Ultimate’ which consisted of bacon, mushrooms, black pudding, tomatoes, toast, poached egg and hollaindaise sauce. The presentation was excellent and we kept admiring the rest of the food that was carried past our table.

The price was super reasonable and we luckily grabbed the last free table when we arrived but when we left, there was quite a queue waiting for tables – always a good sign! I will definitely be back.

East Avenue Bakehouse Bold Street

4. Cosy Club, Liverpool ONE

If you love to people watch, this place is perfect for you. It was 11am on a Thursday when I went for breakfast and my friend and I grabbed a window seat and watched the world go by for a few hours. The location is perfect, just above the shops in front of the Odeon Cinema in Liverpool ONE, where it’s always crowded with people walking around.

The decor inside is one of the highlights. Picture frames covering every inch of the walls, chandeliers, funky colours of furniture and children’s poetry in the bathrooms.

I (as usual) ordered the avocado brunch and added on salmon with hollandaise sauce. I’ve had hollandaise sauce before but not with avocado. It was ok, but I wouldn’t rush to order it again. There was too much tomato on the toast and I prefer my avocado to be smashed, but it was in chunks. There was also only one poached egg on the plate. But it was cooked to perfection. For the location and decor, I would definitely go back but maybe order something different.

Cosy Club Liverpool

5. Rhubarb, Lark Lane

Ashamedly, I’ve only been to Lark Lane a total of three times whilst living in Liverpool. But those three times have been in the space of a month as I have grown very, very fond of it. Just like Bold Street, I hope to try out a lot of the eateries before it’s time to leave this city. When my parents came to visit, I wanted to take them for breakfast on Lark Lane followed by a stroll around Sefton Park.

I chose to eat at Rhubarb because it came up as recommended on Google and because I had been in once before to grab a mocha to go and liked the atmosphere inside. My parents and I grabbed the last table that was available on the Sunday morning and I ordered avocado on toast with a poached egg. The avocado had red onion and tomato mixed in which was very nice. I would have liked one extra egg, but it was a very filling breakfast.

I would love to return to Rhubarb but I would also like to try out some other places along Lark Lane first. If you have any suggestions, do let me know!


6. Love Thy Neighbour, Bold Street

With their decor on point and even an ‘Avocado is Bae’ painting outside, this place is Instagram goals. And anyone that classifies avocado as ‘bae’ has already won me over. I had very high expectations with Love Thy Neighbour as I usually bypass it on my way to university and watch it across the street while I’m sat in Leaf and it’s always very busy. Plus with it being so Instagrammable, I’ve seen it on my feed many a time.

However, I must say, it didn’t live up to expectations. The decor inside was lovely, as was the presentation – especially of the mochas. But the avocado on toast was very small. And I like to have a hearty breakfast. They don’t offer salmon so I couldn’t ask for that either.

I went back a second time, hoping the first time was just a blip, but the second time was actually worse. I was with uni friends after a 9am lecture and we left, still feeling hungry. None of us were very impressed but we still put the interior on our Instagrams. As I said, it’s very Instagrammable. Another Bold Street eatery ticked off the list all the same.

*The Bold Street café has since closed 🙁 but there is another located on Hatton Green if you fancy it

Love Thy Neighbour Liverpool

7. Moose, Dale Street

This was my second time visiting Moose and just like the previous time, it was packed. I headed for a spot of breakfast on a Thursday morning around 10.30am, not expecting it to be so busy. Just like my first visit, I was led to the upstairs seating area and grabbed the second last free table in the café.

Moose are famous for their pancakes, and rightly so. I ordered them the first time I went there and when they arrived I thought I had accidentally ordered a sharing platter for four people. Word of warning before you order the pancakes – they’re huge.

This time however, I opted for my traditional avocado, poached eggs and toast only to be told that avocado wasn’t in season and the chefs were finding it very hard to find fresh ones. Since when are avocados seasonal?! In my world, avocados are always in season.

Once I recovered from the bad news, I still fancied eggs but definitely wasn’t hungry enough for the famous pancakes so choose egg Benedict instead. It was delicious, not a crumb left on my plate. Aoibheann’s breakfast was something to be desired however. She’s not a gal for sauce so her plain as day breakfast got quite a few laughs on my Instagram story.

Moose Café Dale Street

8. The Brunch Club, Duke Street

The best thing about The Brunch Club is that it serves breakfast and brunch until 5pm everyday, so no need to rush before missing the 12pm curfew for avocado on toast. Another good thing about The Brunch Club is that it is located two streets over from my flat, so extremely handy to get to.

The menu isn’t overly extensive and is different (and more expensive) than the menu on their website. I was tempted by the full English but the avocado on toast with poached eggs also came with feta cheese and harissa so I was more inclined to try a different take on my usual. I had to Google harissa before ordering and discovered it was a hot chilli pepper paste. I’m not one for spicy food (cue eyes and nose streaming) but ordered it all the same as I usually add chilli flakes to my own avocado. I’m also not one for cheese (hate it) but I tried feta cheese on avocado before in Flour to the People in Clapham – review in my London Brunch List – and enjoyed it, so didn’t ask for it to be removed.

The brunch came super quick and looked really nice on the plate. The only problem I had was with the portion size. It was £9 for the breakfast and one of my pieces of toast was very small, so it wasn’t overly filling. The eggs were cooked perfectly (runny yolk) but the cheese was very overpowering (I’m not a lover of cheese either). The harissa worked really well with the avocado though!

Overall, I wouldn’t go rushing back as it is quite expensive for breakfast and there are better options in Liverpool but if I was to go back, I would be more inclined to order the full English.

Brunch Club Liverpool

9. Bill’s, Liverpool ONE

I try my best to support the independent cafés and restaurants of Liverpool, but Bill’s reminds me very much of Wimbledon and my numerous visits there when my family visited me in London. My friend was over visiting in Liverpool for the weekend and Bill’s was the closest spot to Liverpool One bus station.

The eggs avocado was just how I remembered it, delicious. There was a heavy portion of avocado on the plate which I was very grateful for. The mocha was extra chocolate-y and I didn’t leave a scrap of food on the plate. As much as I like to avoid chain restaurants as much as I can, Bill’s do one hell of a good breakfast.

Bill's Liverpool

10. Root Coffee, Hanover Street

This independent coffee shop is just down the street from my flat block and serves the best mochas. It’s the most ideal coffee shop to get work done as it’s never too over-crowded or noisy and has plug sockets dotted around the café for you to charge your laptop.

I usually end up spending hours in it, writing blog posts or doing university work. It gets me out of the house but also means I don’t have to go the whole way to the library as I can just nip back home when I choose. The plug sockets is a great idea and means I can stay longer than my two hour laptop battery would otherwise allow.

I usually always order the bagel when I’m in and it’s delicious washed down with my third mocha of the morning.

Root Coffee Hanover Street

I still have many more places to try during my last remaining months in Liverpool, so I will keep adding to this list with every avocado on toast I sample. 


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