#GirlBossMonday with Melissa Davis


It’s that time of the week again: #GirlBossMonday! This week I’m publishing my first London edition of #GirlBossMonday! I moved down to the Big Smoke last week and today I’m starting a week’s interning at London Fashion Agency, owned by my… Continue Reading

#GirlBossMonday with Noreen Heron


It’s that time of the week again: #GirlBossMonday! Noreen Heron is the President and Founder of Heron Agency, Chicago. With Irish blood in her veins, Noreen runs a strong team of female PR ladies in Chicago, USA. With many years of experience in the… Continue Reading

Has a Book Ever Changed Your Life? This One Changed Mine


Have any of you ever read a book that changed your thoughts on the world? Made you question everything? Has a book ever changed who you are as a person? I’m very into self-help books at the minute, influential books… Continue Reading

My Blogging Story: 7 Years Later

orlagh claire

Last week, I received the amazing news that I had been shortlisted for Richard Bailey’s Best PR Blog of 2017 along with three other amazing student PR bloggers. For achieving a spot in the top four, Richard suggested that we… Continue Reading

#GirlBossMonday with Alyssa Baker

alyssa baker

It’s that time of the week again: #GirlBossMonday! Alyssa Baker is the founder and President of the RIOT Media Group, Los Angeles; a results driven agency that believes in seeing a return on investment. In the interview below, Alyssa talks of how important networking is in the PR… Continue Reading

Why You Should Blog For Your Future


Do you have a blog? If you don’t, I bet you know someone that does. A blog is a great way to grab an employer’s attention and to make yourself stand out amongst other candidates. When I went for placement interviews,… Continue Reading

#GirlBossMonday with Jane Woodhead

jane woodhead

It’s that time of the week again: #GirlBossMonday! Jane Woodhead is the UK Consumer PR Director of Influential PR and Marketing here in Liverpool, where I spent a week’s work experience in November of last year. It was a brilliant and insightful experience to see Jane… Continue Reading

In PR, Experience is Everything


What I’ve come to realise after many applications for placements and from conducting my #GirlBossMonday posts, in the PR industry, experience is everything. Experience is no longer a way of impressing the employer, but now seems to be a basic… Continue Reading

#GirlBossMonday with Stephanie Ledigo

stephanie ledigo

It’s that time of the week again: #GirlBossMonday! Stephanie Ledigo is the founder of Ledigo PR in Manchester, which provides first class PR and events, to industries including Health, Fitness, Beauty, Wedding and Celebrity clients. She tells us how she started in the… Continue Reading