Living In

I’ve decided to dedicate a little area of my blog to the different places that I’ve had time to live in. From I was born until I was 18, I spent my entire life in Northern Ireland.

I ventured out of the UK and Ireland all of two times during those 18 years, and so, never got to see much of the world when I was younger. I don’t know if that was the reason that I suddenly have a thirst to see as much of the world as I possibly can now that I’m older, but I think the best way to really appreciate somewhere else is to spend time like a local and actually living there for a while.

This is why it’s my mission to live in as many different cities as I can during my twenties and from those cities, do as much travelling as possible.

So far, I’ve had the fortune of spending three amazing years in Liverpool (where I left my heart and will continue to call ‘home’ before somewhere else captures my heart and makes me fall in love with it – which will be very difficult!), one year in London and am now embarking on a year in New York City.

It’s terrifying to say the least, upping and moving to a different country or different continent, especially when you have no past experiences or others to learn from. Everything is so new to me – visas, immigration, culture changes, currency, etc. etc. and so, I thought that if it’s new to me, it will definitely be new to a lot of other people.

So this little corner of my blog is going to detail my life in the places that I live and will be filled with opinion pieces, advice posts, tips and any other spells of wisdom that I can share with those that are interested.

I hope you too catch the traveling bug but also decide to stay somewhere for a little longer than a few weeks. I’ll hopefully be able to fill this page with other cities, countries and continents as I continue to move around the world all while following a career in PR and Influencer Marketing.