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#FridayFive: Five Things to Know About Living in New York

I’ve been meaning to write a post about the things that I’ve come to realize since moving to New York. It was a huge culture shock for sure, having never actually…

How and Why I Moved to New York

Shock, horror, I moved to New York a few weeks ago. Not that I’ve mentioned it already, or put it in all of my social media bios, or posted Instagram stories…

#OCinNYC | One Month in New York

Today marks my one month anniversary of living in New York. How time has gone that fast, I do not know. But I’m guessing that’s exactly how the next 11 months…

#OCinNYC | Seven Days in the Big Apple

Helloooo and welcome to the first installment in my little bi-weekly diary series. You may have already seen my first two posts about coming to New York and my recap of…