What’s Next for Me?

What Next?

Hello. You may or may not have noticed that there have been no posts on the blog over the last few weeks. I decided to take two weeks off as I was in the middle of moving my life from London to Liverpool, settling in, trying to locate all of my lost luggage (for real) and trying to bring myself back down to earth and getting back to the Liverpool way of life.

I even postponed my flight back to Ireland by four days as I needed some more time by myself before I went home and back to living with my parents for a month. I haven’t booked my flight back to Liverpool yet but they know I could just decide one day that it’s time to go.

I’ve even went a little bit AWOL on social media, as I didn’t post anything about flying back to Ireland so not many people knew that I had come home. Not that I’m a celebrity, I just wanted a little bit of privacy for a change and to find the strength not to post every detail of my life on social media, as I had gotten quite used to doing.

So I’ve spent the majority of the past days in my house like a hermit, trying to take some time to myself, to relax and switch off from the world. I’m going to try my best to treat the whole month of August as a ‘me-month’, getting back into my blog, planning things for the next year, getting into a routine again and trying to be less anxious about being home.

Now that I’ve finished my placement, moved into my flat in Liverpool and come home for a few weeks, what’s next?

There will be less Instagram stories, less Snapchat stories, less blog posts and less social media in general. But there will be more writing, planning, relaxing, wellness, catching-up with friends and me-time before heading back to university and embarking on final year.

I’m taking a slow month this August and the beginning of September will be the same. I have lots of ideas and plans for the blog, so you can expect lots to come once I get back to Liverpool and start my final year as I’ll be working hard this month to get everything ready now that I have so much free time.

I’ve been advised by many people to take my last free Summer and enjoy it. I have my whole life to work, and I won’t get another Summer free again, so I may as well enjoy this one while I have it. I’m going to use the time as best as I can of course, by watching lots of TV series on Netflix and of course by writing.

I do tend to get bored very easily so I make sure I have a structure that I still get up early every morning (before 9.30am), have my coffee and start writing. Then in the afternoon I’ll either go to the gym or go for a run around where I live. The evenings are for TV, reading or seeing friends – I can’t be a hermit forever.

I’ll be going back to posting once per week from now until September, unless something of interest comes up. Then I can kick in with the new things that I have planned which I’m very excited about!

I think it’s good to take time off and take a break from things once in a while, even though I get anxious that my friends are working lots, constantly busy and have their lives in order, I still need to take time to chill.

So I’m going to try my best to use these weeks that I have off from work, university and adulting and try my best to chill and write. Here’s hoping. I may be on the next flight back to Liverpool by the end of the week if I get really bored!

Carrie Bradshaw

This is how you should picture me. Only minus the make-up and fur coat, more housecoat (or dressing gown if you prefer). And instead of being Carrie Bradshaw, I’ll more than likely be watching Sex and the City as I’m now onto season 4 and close to finishing another cult series. More Netflix and Sky Boxsets recommendations welcome.


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