And Today Matthew, I’m Going to be… a Graduate

That was the caption I was going to go for on my Instagram but I thought it might go over the majority of my followers’ heads because Stars In Their Eyes was a little bit before their time.

The caption that I did go for? ‘Ats us graduated nai,’ which I’m sure will go over your head but it’s a Belfast saying and not the most educated caption I could have come up with. But I wasn’t for going down the cliché route with ‘the tassel was worth the hassle’ because if I had a pound for every time I saw that caption…

But yes, I am graduated and yes, I have been MIA for quite some time on here. But now that the graduation celebrations are over, I’ve waved my friends off back to Ireland and now I’m back to having no plans, no obligations and some very much needed free time to get back to the gym and sitting in my usual coffee shop writing.

The Graduate

I graduated last Thursday at 10am in Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral which meant a 6am wake up call and prosecco at 9am. Luckily my class were first to make the walk across the stage as I found myself nodding off fifteen minutes after I made it back to my seat.

After some pinching to keep myself awake, I came around when Nisha Katona was honoured halfway through my ceremony. I’ve always talked about Mowgli being my favourite restaurant in Liverpool and it was where I was having my graduation meal that evening so how weird that the founder was being honoured during my graduation ceremony.

The only thing that was a tad annoying about my graduation was that if I had graduated a few years previous, I would have been shaking hands with Brian May from Queen who used to be the Chancellor for LJMU. I honestly have no idea whose hands I shook as I walked across the stage as I was more concerned with trying not to fall over or make a show of myself.

After the ceremony and endless pictures, it was back to the university for the prize-giving and some more prosecco. I was awarded the Kenyon’s Prize for Outstanding PR Student across my year which was rather nice to end my university time with.

So what’s the plans?

Funny enough, today was actually supposed to be my move-out of Liverpool date. But that was far too early so I pushed it back (it was meant to be the 6th of July before this before I pushed it back to the 15th).

I’m glad I’m here for another few weeks with no plans because I feel like I need them to be able to get my life back in order after the past few weeks of partying and celebrating. I can finally go back on a diet which doesn’t involve eating out every single day.

Now that I’m here until August I have no plans whatsoever, no job, but plenty of free time to decide what I’m going to do once August comes. I can now finally get back into a routine of going to the gym, doing my bits around town and getting back into this blogging business. I also really want to get back into reading – whether that’s books, blogs, news or magazines, I just want to get back to reading like I used to. I feel very much out of the loop of what’s going on in the PR/Influencer worlds.

So there are no updates job-wise, just that I’m unemployed and staying in Liverpool but I am waiting to hear from different people – I’m not completely bumming it, don’t worry. You can expect to see and hear more from me on socials and on the blog as I have lots of content that needs to be written up and posted.

So until I figure out what I’ll be doing and where I will be at the end of August/beginning of September, expect to be sickened with me across social media!


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