#PlacementYear: Month Eight

Placement Year

Every time I write one of these I get a little bit nervous. It makes me so conscious of how quickly time moves. I’ve been writing these for eight months now, which means eight months have passed and there’s only five months left. FIVE.

February – the shortest month of the year, but still packed as good a punch as the other months. If not better.

Lent has started and instead of going to Mass on Ash Wednesday like I usually do to get my ashes, I was otherwise engaged being blessed by Jamie Dornan as we spent our third Valentine’s together. Usually the highlight of my February, there were other events that overshadowed Mr Grey. That and the fact that it was the worst Fifty Shades movie to date. Spoiler/Cringe Alert: Mr Grey can sing!

Here’s a roundup of the amazing month that was February! (Bonus point for me for actually being on time with this monthly round-up)

So..ho that’s why I’m broke

I had my first proper central London night out of 2018, the first Friday of February. I got my #InstaGoals picture in Tonight Josephine (they do the best Pornstar Martinis) before we moved onto Soho where we partied in the O Bar (obviously aptly named after myself). Then we rode a tuk-tuk through Picadilly Circus and almost died when the driver pulled a dramatic right in front of a double-decker bus. We should have asked for proof of a driving license before hopping aboard. I’ll know for next time.

I went out with no cash, just my bank cards and what a mistake that was. I think I easily spent £100 on drinks. Now I know why nights out in central London only happen once in a blue moon. I also need to stop thinking £20 Ubers are a ‘fair price’ when I would kick off at any taxi driver in Liverpool that dared charge me more than £5.

Counting down the days until I can get back to Liverpool and order a double vodka and have the barman say ‘Sorry girl, you need to spend £5 before you can pay by card,’ instead of a double vodka not working on my contactless card because it’s more than £30.

Tonight Josephine

Getting Kinky again

My cousin and her friends were in London the same weekend and you can imagine it was not a pretty sight, me trying to get up at 9am after the above night to travel the whole way to Camden to meet them. However, I somehow managed it and was sat having pizza and back on white wine by 12pm, good as new.

I joined them for some sightseeing and then we had dinner in Covent Garden before going to see Kinky Boots which I had just seen the week before. I was able to stay awake for the first half this time, and found it to be a lot funnier. May have been due to my brain being a little more awake this time.

Is Kinky Boots worth seeing twice? In my personal opinion, once is enough but I’m not going to turn down a night out to the theatre now, am I?

Safe to say I lay in bed all day Sunday and tried my best to catch up on some well needed rest.

I had my own intern for a week

I know, God love her.

The Influencer Marketing team welcomed her to the busiest department in the office, I’m sure she was thrilled to be helping us out. As it was Valentine’s Week, we had a few mailings to send out. When I say a few, I mean hundreds. We also had a few new launches around the beginning of February which always equals more send-outs.

It was fun to have someone to delegate tasks to. I had my own little person to manage. When I was interning at her age (around AS Level), I was doing the usual ‘research’ tasks that would actually never be looked at but I thought I should try to give the best realistic insight into what we actually do and that was, spending a lot of time on Instagram. I’m kidding. It’s only a percentage of what we do. Sometimes a big percentage but it is Influencer Marketing after all, not straight up PR anymore.

She was a great help for the team and especially helping me do the send-outs as it took half the amount of time it would have if I had done them by myself. Although I’m sure ‘uploading 100 USB sticks’ won’t be one of her standout moments from the week.

Having her with us had me thinking of my first dabble with work experience when it was also a part of my school curriculum. So I wrote a blog post about ‘what not to do during a week’s work experience’ – from my own failings, which will be up next week.


I had this on my Bucket List I wrote back when I was 14 and obsessed with Tumblr. It was one of those ones I added in the hopes that it may happen but realistically I thought wouldn’t. It came under that heading along with ‘get married in Vegas’, ‘get married on a beach’ and ‘get married in Disneyland’. I don’t know how many times I planned on getting married back when I was 14. I was open to a lot of options for the location anyway.

But I can’t believe I can actually tick that off of my Bucket List. I was at an actual movie premiere, actors, celebrities and all. And what a premiere to attend. Only the hottest movie of the year.

I only got told at 4pm on the day of the premiere that I had a ticket and this is what I love about spontaneous opportunities. You have to just drop everything and go for it, because who knows if I’ll ever get the opportunity to go to a premiere again.

I had to cancel my plans with my bed and Netflix and instead sit a few rows behind Leona Lewis, a few to the left of Marcel from Love Island and two rows in front of Rizzlekicks and some guys from X Factor. Just your usual Thursday, you know?

The movie was Black Panther if you’re still wondering and already haven’t read my blog post solely dedicated to the night – right here. If you haven’t yet got around to seeing it then what on earth are you doing?!

An amazingly empowering movie and it was a privilege to share the room with so many great actors, musicians, sports stars and creatives.

Black Panther Premiere

London Fashion Week Part II

I was invited to the opening of London Fashion week for the second. time. I can now say that I’ve been to London Fashion Week twice. 

It was a beautiful sunny day in London, and I made my way to the Evening Standard’s private party which started at 2pm. Thankfully when I arrived there were no protests happening so I made my way in quite easily. I was handed my own personal pass (which of course is now safely stored in my ‘evidence these things actually happened’ box) and had a wander around the fashion brands on display in the main halls.

At the Evening Standard party we were treated to glasses of champagne (of course) and some nibbles while we listened to the Creative Director of MAC talk us through makeup trends to look out for in 2018.

There was quite a Summer vibe in the room with the blue skies and views over the Thames, sipping on champagne and getting each other excited for London Fashion Week to begin. A lovely Friday afternoon. After the party finished, I had another gander around the fashion and accessories on display around the main rooms, before walking back towards Waterloo. I made my way through Somerset House and spotted one of the Chubby Hearts that were floating around London that same weekend. There were also a lot of influencers dotted all over the place taking some very nice shots. Obviously making good use of the clear skies, good lighting and beautiful backdrop of Somerset House.

I think that was my last dabble with London Fashion Week as it won’t be back again until next September and by that time I’ll be back up north. It was an amazing experience to be in among the excitement, the fashion and the extra-ness of it all (if that’s a thing). Maybe someday I’ll be able to go back, but I won’t hold my breath.

I almost forgot, before I entered the building to LFW a few weeks ago, there were influencers (well, I’m guessing they were) getting photographed left, right and centre. In the middle of the street, in the middle of the road, against walls, doors and – the funniest of all – I kid you not… A bus pulled up at it’s stop outside The Strand building and one of the ‘influencers’ that was being photographed decided to press herself up against the bus for some artistic shots, you could say. Following some shouting from the bus driver and odd looks from passengers inside, the bus took off and sent the poor girl flying onto the pavement. Anything for the ‘Gram, eh?

London Fashion Week


I went to the BRIT Awards After-Party. I went to the BRIT Awards After-Party. I WENT TO THE BRIT AWARDS AFTER-PARTY!

I can’t believe I’m typing this. One of the best nights of my life, without a doubt. You all know how much I love the celeb world, so you can guess how much I was in my element. But I don’t want to spoil anything, as I’ve written an entire blog post dedicated to this magical night. It details who I saw, chatted to, fist-pumped and got pictures with. As well as how much I drank, how much I regretted that part the next day and the infamous goody bag!

The post will be going up this Friday, and I know I’ve already posted twice this week which will mean three blog posts in one week, but there’s just so much happening at once and I don’t want to leave it too late! I have so much content right now which is great, but I just know that in a month’s time I’ll be sat with nothing to write about, staring at an empty draft for four hours. It either rains or it pours, y’know?

What a month

For the shortest month of the year, it’s going to be a hard one to beat. The rest of 2018 better step up its game. From London Fashion Week, to the BRITS, to the Black Panther Movie Premiere, I mean, what is this life I think I’m living?!

With only five full months left to go, the end date of my placement looms closer and closer. I just hope they’re as great as the eight months that have already passed.

Now that February is over, I have a hugely exciting month ahead. Ya girl is turning twenny wannnn (on the 27th of March if anyone wants to send me a card or tweet) and will be trying her best to celebrate for the entire month.

With a trip to Dublin on the cards, a weekend visiting my one and only Liverpool, a few Niall Horan concerts thrown in there, my mum and dad in London for a weekend to really celebrate my 21st and at the end of the month I’ll be heading home for Easter (and to celebrate my birthday with my friends and family). Like I said, I plan on celebrating my 21st birthday for the entire month and will be doing so in Dublin, Liverpool, London and Lurgan. A very hectic month ahead, but you only turn 21 once, right?!


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