#PlacementYear: Month Five

month five

Month five. Month FIVE. How am I almost halfway through this placement year?! On the bright side, they haven’t started looking for my replacement yet, so maybe this means I can stay???? Ugh, I wish.

November was quite a short month at work as I spent a week in the Canary Islands soaking up some well needed sun and taking a break from London life and social media. Well I tried the last part, but it didn’t really happen.

November is a very busy month for Coty as we get ready for Christmas when most of our sales take place. Answer this for me – Do you ever buy perfume/aftershave for yourself? Or do you wait until Christmas when someone buys it for you? I hadn’t really thought about this until I realised that I never buy perfume for myself. Unless it’s reduced in a sale, then I’d buy it. Otherwise I would just ask Santa. So it only makes sense that the majority of our sales happen in November and December.

Even though I wasn’t in London much this month, I managed to be in Belfast, Lurgan, Lanzarote, Liverpool and London all in the space of four weeks. And (as per usual) was able to fit in a lot of glamorous PR events too!

Nasty Gal Pop-Up Store Launch Party

I’ve already posted an entire blog post dedicated to this one event, but I couldn’t not include it in my monthly round-up. It was simply one of the greatest launch parties I’ve ever been to (not that I’ve been to many). I mean, I saw Chuck Bass. The highlight of my year.

You know how much I freak out over the most minor celeb, well I was shaking like a leaf once Ed Westwick walked through those doors, shaking like a leaf.

If you want the full low-down of all the celebs that I was in the same room as and what happened, you can check out that full post here.

Nasty Gal London

Off to Spain I go

Two days later, I was in the airport ready to head back to Lurgan to get ready to fly to Spain the following day. I had never been to Spain before visiting Barcelona in May, and here I was heading back again for the second time in the same year. I was headed to Lanzarote, which is classed as Spain but is situated in the Canary Islands just off the coast of Africa.

An entire week of no alarms, nothing planned, no emails (although I did check them the odd time, I couldn’t help myself), endless food, cocktails and sunshine. Bliss.

It was just what I needed, waking up and walking out onto the balcony every morning to twenty degrees and a croissant and Diet Coke waiting for me. There wasn’t any wifi in the room, nor was there a TV so in the space of a week I finished three books and 150 Sudoku puzzles.

I came back to work definitely feeling the Winter Blues and can really see why a lot of people choose to retire somewhere hot. What a dream it would be to live and work somewhere warm 24/7… The cold weather and dark morning and nights just aren’t for me.


5, 6, 7, 8

Another memorable night of my placement year was being invited to the Steps concert in the 02 Arena, London (my first time there), in a private box (also a first), with a free bar, free food and a nostalgic night of music.

I’ve been to about 50 concerts in my lifetime and not once have I had a VIP ticket or been in a private box. I was drinking Grey Goose vodka (the only vodka on offer) and pretending I attended such events on a regular occasion. Who am I trying to kid?!

It was a brilliant night, everyone was up dancing from start to finish with throwback tunes from the Vengaboys to start followed by the main event – Steps. Both groups were celebrating 20 year anniversaries, and although that may be the exact same amount of years I have been on this earth, I still managed to know 80% of the songs.


Is that Peter Andre?!

Another month, another awards show. This time it was the OK! Magazine Beauty Awards in which we had five products shortlisted. Myself and Alice tagged along to the Tower of London both very glammed up and ready to spot as many ‘Z list’ celebrities as possible. I was clearly in my element.

We walked into the event behind three stars of The Only Way is Essex. As a huge fan of the show (and not embarrassed to admit it) I was hyperventilating on the inside as I walked behind the man of my Essex dreams, Dan Edgar. We passed as Diags, Dan and Joey Essex got papped (us trying to photobomb) and walked into the drinks reception.

One of my favourite bloggers Sarah Ashcroft was standing just inside the door as we walked in and we then spotted another few TOWIE faces. Alice and I grabbed some drinks and hung around the door to see if any more celebrities made an appearance.

The rest of the TOWIE cast trundled in, as well as some of the Love Island contestants before we took to our seats in the dinner hall. The night was hosted by Amanda Holden who announced the winners while we were served a three course meal.

The TOWIE table was diagonal from ours and the beautiful Dan Edgar was right in my line of view. How many of you can say you were able to stare at Dan Edgar while you ate octopus for dinner? I can!

We won two awards on the night for Calvin Klein Obsessed for Men and philosophy microdelivery detoxifying oxygenating peel, with Alice and I joining Amanda Holden on stage to receive our awards.

A little late into the meal Peter Andre graced us with his presence, as did Sarah Harding, Stephanie Pratt, Fran Newman Young and the rest of the Love Island lot. I spoke to Amber Dowding (of TOWIE fame) to tell her I loved her outfit and she was so lovely!

If Gemma Collins had been there, my night would truly have been made.

ok awards



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