Thanksgiving in The Hamptons

Sag Harbor Hamptons NY

Last weekend was the biggest holiday in the American calendar. Not something that we celebrate back in Ireland or the UK, but they definitely take Thanksgiving very seriously here.

Since a lot of the interns get a few days off around the holiday, we thought we would take advantage of the free days and take a trip somewhere outside the city.

We had looked at heading upstate but for a group of 17 people, there weren’t many places to accommodate us or that looked very appealing. So we took a chance and looked at the Hamptons on AirBnB and found a lot of houses for reduced prices since it wasn’t the season for the Hamptons and all of the houses that we found were stunning.

So the Hamptons for Thanksgiving it was.

Sag Harbor

The small town we stayed in was called Sag Harbor. Not the prettiest of names, but it was a quaint little town and our house was right by the beach. It was way too cold for sunbathing but we did manage a walk along the water on Saturday morning.

It felt very rustic Americana when we were driving through the town on our way towards our house. Wooden houses, large white houses and huge lawns and small independent stores lined the main road. We pulled into the road our house was on and passed two deer. Wholesome.

We hired a car and somehow fitted eight of us, bags and groceries in tow in the wagon. The drive took just under three hours, but there is also the option of getting the Hampton Jitney – a bus from the city to the Hamptons (if you watch Gossip Girl then you’ll know) – or the train to Southampton which is very close by.

Sag Harbor Hamptons NY

Things to do in Sag Harbor

This I had too Google for a little help since we didn’t actually do much while we were there other than eat lots of food, drink a lot and spend a lot of time in the house. It was such a nice change to get away from the city for a few days, breathe in some fresh air and not have to dodge tourists everywhere.

We did visit the little town which was full of independent stores, some coffee shops and cafés. There were a few seasonal stores that sold beach and summer items that were shut since it was fall season.

But if you ever happen to randomly find yourself in Sag Harbor at any point in your life, here are the top three things to do:

  1. The Sag Harbor Whaling Museum
  2. The Sag Harbor boating dock
  3. The Sag Harbor high street

Like I said, there’s not much to do other than visit the beach, ogle at some celebrity mansions (there are a lot) and try to spot celebrities. Three of the group bumped into Hugh Jackman in Starbucks!

I think I’ll leave the Hamptons until 4th of July comes around but by then the rent of the houses are ten times the amount they are at Thanksgiving. I’ll definitely be back in the Hamptons at some point. If not next year then in thirty years when I buy my summer mansion by the sea.

The Hamptons

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