Rate My Boohoo Student Meal Deal

boohoo student meal deal

Yes, you read right. A Boohoo Student Meal Deal. Hungry for fashion? Read on.

If you haven’t heard of the ‘Rate My Meal Deal’ Facebook and Twitter pages, then where have you been? To give you the lowdown, anyone can submit a photo of their meal deal of choice and the public then comment on the pros and cons of the items picked. 90% of the meal deals submitted are ripped apart and laughed at, so I wouldn’t suggest uploading your own, no matter how great you think it may be.

I was always an advocate of the Tesco meal deal. My weapons of choice being the spicy chicken pasta, pickled onion flavoured Monster Munch and a Diet Coke (obviously). Please don’t slate rate my meal deal. But then I was introduced to the Morrisons meal deal and salad bar in London and my life was changed forever. That is not an exaggeration. An extra large salad including anything you wanted (there wasn’t much salad in mine), plus a side which could have been a sushi tray or chicken skewers and a drink for £3. Then Morrisons copped on to how much they were giving away and upped it to £3.50. Still incredibly worth it.

When you think you’re having a salad every day for lunch and being healthy, but the main ingredients are coleslaw, cous cous, sweet chilli sauce and processed chicken? Then perhaps not. Unfortunately (probably fortunately) there is no Morrisons close by to me in Liverpool so it will be a long while until I experience another Morrisons salad.

Ok, enough chat about my love for the Morrisons salad bar and back to telling you about Boohoo’s new meal deal. The team at Boohoo recently got in touch with their press release and informed me all about their new invention. The initiative came after Twitter users cried out for some kind of package deal price for buying a complete outfit and Boohoo wanted to be the first to make it happen.

How does it work?

So this is how it goes. The shoes are your ‘starter’, a dress/playsuit/jumpsuit for your ‘main’ and a bag for ‘dessert’. All three for £30. Genius right?

This offer is only open to students (yay for us!) and you can choose an entire outfit from their Meal Deal page, then use the code MEALDEAL at the checkout. Better still, you can add on top of this your normal student discount code for an extra 10% off. Oh how great it is to be a student.

If you are not currently a student, then I would definitely recommend befriending one and taking full advantage of this offer. Or just ask me for my student discount code. I definitely don’t use it enough.

With Boohoo answering the will of the people, I think it may only be a matter of time before other online retailers jump on the bandwagon. The student market is huge and probably one of the biggest groups guilty of fast fashion (more on this in a later post). Boohoo have smartly taken advantage of this and knowing how much students go out partying and not wanting to be seen in the same outfit more than a few times, have brought a solution to their dilemmas. The Boohoo Gods have answered.

But what about fast fashion?

Is this a positive in the form of fashion sustainability? Perhaps not, but online fashion seems to be the way the world is heading with high street fashion stores closing every day. With the likes of Pretty Little Thing and Nasty Gal along with Boohoo leading the online fashion world with no physical stores, they are having to come up with different ways to keep their profits ticking over and there’s probably no better market than the student market.

Student loans, student discount and now student meal deals? TAKE MY MONEY.

I’ll be sticking to the subject of fashion this week on my blog and talking about fast fashion and how the UK is the worst country in Europe in terms of clothing consumption. Are Influencers to blame? Social media? Online e-tailers? Why is the UK the worst and what can we do to slow it down? All questions will be answered this week, keep an eye out! 


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