#FridayFive: Five Places to Eat in Hoboken

Friday Five

I’ve had this blog post planned for a while as I love to go to Hoboken for good food. It’s only a ten minute walk from where we live in Newport, but there are so many restaurants and eateries lining Washington Street and hidden in the streets behind.

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Hoboken is probably my favourite area of New Jersey that I’ve been to. It’s very quaint and reminds me of Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls. The roads are cobbled and the shops have very old-fashion fronts, even the Starbucks.

It’s the birthplace of Frank Sinatra and American baseball. Hoboken also boasts the best waterfront view of Manhattan along with great bars and restaurants.

In normal circumstances, I would give recommendations of places to go and eat for the sit-down experience, but we can no longer do that. The last two places on this list are places that I was able to sit down and eat, but the other three are takeaway only.

However, all are available to order takeaway from right now and I recommend all of them!


This is a very famous cash-only Italian deli and sells a specific speciality sandwich each day. There will only be one item on the menu every day – you’ve been warned.

Their most famous is the roast beef, mozzarella (or mutz as they call it) and gravy. Yep, gravy in a sandwich. It’s only served on Saturdays and Thursdays, so be wise with your choice of day that you visit!

One of the most famous Italian delis in Hoboken, it’s been serving the people of the area since 1903. Customers have included Frank Sinatra, Danny De Vito and the casts of The Sopranos and Law and Order.

Expect it to be busy when you arrive and note that these sandwiches are huge, so ask for half if you’re not yet ready to conquer a whole one.

Call (201)-659-1655 to order.


We may be keeping this bagel joint in business during the pandemic as we’re buying bagels three times per week or more.

The people are always friendly and they don’t hold back on the portions. Everything is freshly baked and prepared and they’ve got just about everything you could want to add to your bagel or sandwich.

Every time we’ve turned up we have received great service and great food. The best bagel in Hoboken for breakfast, brunch or lunch.


A clever play on words, this Indian takeout is right at the bottom of Washington Street and has been one of the best Indians that we’ve ordered from so far. Another favourite is Amiya over in Jersey City – try the mango shrimp, so good!

But Curry Up Now is very clean, very tasty and very quick with delivery. Indian food is now our go-to for eating in at the weekends, whereas back home the best was always Chinese.

I’m fully converted to ordering Indian food now and am slowly adapting to the spicy life. I know, hard to believe, isn’t it?


I was unfortunately only able to visit Satay once before the lockdown happened. It’s a great place on Washington Street for cheap, quick and tasty food. And they also don’t hold back with the portions either.

It’s BYOB too which is an added treat. Great Malaysian food, great prices and great vibe. It’s super tasty and the menu is very extensive so I just wish I had been able to try more of it.

I had never tried Malaysian food before coming here, but I’m addicted.


I visited this quaint Cuban restaurant on New Year’s Eve of all days, for some lunch to line the stomach pre-night out. There are two locations in Hoboken as the family-owned restaurant had to expand from its smaller space on Washington Street, to its new and grander restaurant on 12th street.

The food was delicious and it was my first time trying plantain. I remember being so excited to see a cocktail menu as beers and happy hour bottles are much more popular here than cocktails.

I’m glad to see that La Isla is offering takeaway food as I’m in need of some more Cuban food in my life pretty soon. The vibe of the restaurant is what I miss most with its tiled, mosaic floors and Cuban artifacts.

So there you have five places in Hoboken that you should add to your list of eateries. I’ve covered lunch and dinner for you and have more yet to come.


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