2018: New Year, New Goals

New Year 2018

Happy Monday! We’re already one week into the New Year which means only another 50 weeks until Christmas! I’m kidding. I’m not really counting. Or am I…

The new year started perfectly on a Monday, but a) I was a little hungover from the previous night’s celebrations, b) I was prepping myself to go out again that night and c) I wasn’t ready to commit to any ‘New Year, New Me’ resolutions just yet.

So here we are. A week late. But like they say, ‘better late than never’.

Back in December I did a recap of my year, which really was my best year yet. I’m very concerned that no other years will ever live up to 2017 but I am only 20 years of age, so I’m sure something spectacular will happen in the future. Here’s hoping.

The New Year is one of my favourite times as it feels like the slate is wiped clean and we can start again, with new goals, objectives and plans. Things that we didn’t achieve in the year previous, we have the chance to try again.

I achieved a lot of the things I set out to do last year and this year I hope to do the same with new goals. Although I haven’t really planned a lot for 2018, as I want to take things as they come and the future is never certain.

The countdown has begun

This time last year I was counting down the months until my big move to London and starting my placement. Now, I’m on the countdown to when my placement ends and I have to leave London. I’m not looking forward to it one bit.

I have seven months left of my placement which means I have seven months to make the most of the opportunity I have been given, the people I can learn from and the experience I can gain. These seven months will go by in a flash so I really need to make the most of it!

Knowing that I finish in July means I have to start thinking of where I’m going to live in Liverpool, what I’m going to spend the month of August doing and it also means I’ll be starting final year in September which is a little bit terrifying.

But yes, seven months and the best placement ever will be all over. I don’t want to talk about it anymore. Moving swiftly on…

Monthly health goals

I’ve set myself an objective to choose something to change about my diet every month for the better. This month I’m back on the Dry January bandwagon, but I started on January 2nd so will commit to see through February 1st to make up for it. I’m usually quite good at Dry January, but I did cave in on the 22nd last year. BUT I was living in Liverpool at the time and it’s hard to be sober for longer than three days when you’re a student in that city. So I think I did quite well.

I’m thinking this month will be quite easy to go without alcohol as everyone’s penniless and at the moment I have no PR events lined up (which means no prosecco). Hopefully I’ll be able to make this month’s a success.

However, on a BIGGER NOTE I have decided to make a substantial change to my regular diet for this month. I’ve chosen to go without Diet Coke.

You can pick your jaws back up from the floor, because it’s true. I’m currently seven days clean from Diet Coke. A miracle, I know. I think the last time I went this long without Diet Coke was Lent last year, and even then I think I only lasted 10 days. But I’m very determined to make this change to my diet and swap the DC for 2L of water per day. It’s going well so far, but temptations are everywhere.

Hopefully this change will sort out my heart/back/chest/jaw problems. I know, you’re thinking ‘Why on earth didn’t she stop long ago?!’ but I thought the DC was only a minor factor, when I really knew it was the root of the problem.

Well, so long Diet Coke. You’ve been a great beverage but it’s time to kick my health into gear. See ya!

Diet Coke

The gym will be my best friend again

If you read my Year in Review, you’ll know that my relationship with the gym hit a rocky road the past year. I went from being somewhat obsessed in January/February to neglecting the place altogether by July.

This year I want to get back to feeling strong and feeling good about myself. I’m writing this here so that it gives me another reason to stick to it. In December I was rolling out of bed after 8am to be in work for 9am but that won’t be happening this year. Hell no.

When you’re reading this, I will hopefully have woken at 6am and been in the gym for 7am, morning workout completed before work. And just maybe, if I feel like it, I might make the trip back to the gym after work for a little cardio session. No promises though.

The main thing I need to remember is that my body won’t change overnight and that to see results, I need to keep going and keep at it. We can call it a ‘work in progress’. Here’s to a stronger and fitter 2018.

me in six weeks

Complete my London bucket list

This has been hugely neglected BUT I have seen and done a lot of things that I never ever expected and weren’t even on my bucket list, so hopefully that makes up for it a little.

However, there are quite a few tourist-y things I still want to check off and now that it seems the countdown is on until I leave, I’m going to get my skates on and see and do as much as I can in London. Who knows if I’ll ever be living in London again? I need to make the most of my time in this amazing city before it’s time to pack my bags and head back up north.

Harry Potter Studios

Get back in the blogging game

With placement, my time is quite limited and finding the time to blog is getting harder and harder. But the only answer for that is to make time. I’m going to be a lot more organised and set some time aside every week to make sure I blog weekly, just like last year.

Although, sometimes life does get in the way and if there are weeks that I am not able to blog, for that I apologise in advance.

I have some plans for where I want to go with my blog and new series that I want to introduce, so watch this space!

Happy New Year!

I hope 2018 brings you a lot of happiness, more amazing memories and experiences and importantly, more opportunities to better yourself and help you progress. I turn 21 this year (wtf) and start my last year of university, so there’s a lot to look forward to (and dread). 2018 will hopefully be another year to remember and as usual, I’ll be documenting all on here and my Instagram!

Some things to remember when trying to achieve your 2018 goals: Life begins outside of your comfort zone, and to get something you’ve never had, you’re going to have to do something you’ve never done. Change doesn’t just happen, you have to make it happen.

Hopefully that’s enough cheesy quotes to start off your 2018. I hope this year is good to the both of us.

Stay classy.

new year 2018


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