What About Now?


Why are we forever putting things off until the last minute, or using the excuse ‘I’ll do it later’. Why not now?

I find we’re an extremely lazy generation and have lost our get up and go. I’m no different. When I’m handed an assignment a month in advance, you’ll find me holed up in my room eight hours before the deadline looking at the title for the first time, ready for a cramming sesh. Although in my opinion this is when I work best – under pressure. Not good for my stress levels or blood pressure, but knowing that I only have a small amount of time to complete something, motivates me to get it done.

In general everyday life however, I feel like I’m always saying I’ll do things but then never bother to actually do them. I’ve wanted to blog for a long time and always said ‘I’ll start it soon’ but never did. I always made the excuse of having too much school work, then in the summer I was too busy enjoying my last months with my friends and working in my part-time job which felt like a full-time job. Now first year of uni’s over and I’ve still put off blogging because I was trying to make the most of my first year and seeing how much partying I could do – which was A LOT.

But now that I have the time between studying for exams and getting ready to go home for this summer I thought ‘why not now?’ Yes I’m afraid that I’ll be scoffed at for writing a blog by people I know but I’ve always loved writing and for those that follow me on Twitter know I’m never away from my timeline and commenting on everything that goes on in the world. No one may ever read this, but I like to think that there’s a possibility someone may read my thoughts and opinions and take something from my ramblings.

My blog will cover everything and anything, from living in Liverpool to why I might be addicted to Diet Coke. If you take the time to read, I thank you.


A recent graduate of Business with Public Relations from LJMU, Orlagh works in the influencer marketing industry and has just returned to the UK after spending one year working in New York City.

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    If you need poetry to relax with, or reading to stimulate…come visit!

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