I’m Back in Liverpool and Everything Seems the Same

Liverpool thing

Not quite exactly the same, but almost. That headline is actually a line from Let’s Dance to Joy Division by The Wombats (a local Liverpool band).

I flew into Liverpool on Friday and just stepping outside the automatic doors of Liverpool John Lennon Airport with my two suitcases in hand almost made me emotional.

I was back and I was so, so happy. It had been a long 14 months and I didn’t feel properly at home until I landed on the runway in Liverpool.


I moved into a new flat in a new area of the city for me, a warehouse/loft-style apartment down at the docks. It’s probably my favourite area of the city so I’m glad to be by the water.

The last three places I’ve lived have been on the water and there’s something about it that just calms me so much.

It’s still a work in progress as we work to fill it out with bits and pieces but slowly but surely it’s coming along!


Thankfully I was kept on by my employer in New York and have been given a year’s contract based in the UK. I’m very lucky to be able to work remotely and from anywhere in the UK which has allowed me to come back to Liverpool for a little while.

I say a little while as in six months’ time, offices could be open again in London and I may have to relocate to the big city again. But who knows where I’ll end up in 2021 if borders start to re-open?


Even though I feel very blessed to be back in Liverpool, all is not the same. There are no more 5am nights out for anyone, let alone me (I’m too old for this now) and it’s home time at 10pm.

Now that Liverpool is on the highest restrictions in the UK, I can’t yet join a gym but I can still eat at all of my favourite independent restaurants, thankfully.

I already dined at two of my favourite Liverpool brunch spots over the weekend at Moose and The Little Shoe on Bold Street and have a very long list of places remaining that I have to visit. Of course, I had a chicken stack in McCooley’s on my first night back.

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I’ve also booked into Mowgli this Friday night and The Cow Shed next week and am planning to visit the Baltic Market this weekend. Oh it is good to be back!


It’s Liverpool for the moment, but we’ve only got a six month lease on our flat, giving us the option to move around March/April. That could be staying in Liverpool, a new area of the UK (why not?) or we may have to move to London with our jobs.

Time will tell but I’m kind of liking the working from home and the ability to move around the country while someone gets a hand on this virus and eradicates it (unlikely).

Liverpool Beatles Statue and Liver Building

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