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My Acne Story: How Roaccutane Changed My Life

If you’ve ever been a sufferer of severe acne, you’ll know the depression that comes with it. When I say ‘acne’ I don’t mean a few spots here and there. That’s…

I went from brunette to blonde in one go using Olaplex

When I first started this blog back in June 2016, the title was The Fake Blonde Blog – back when I was a full headed ‘fake blonde’. Now, not so much.…

What I Learnt from my First Year at University

So this week I finished my first year of university. Where on earth did that time go?! Looking back, so much happened over that short nine months and I’ve definitely changed…

A Day at the Irish Open 2016

Today I visited the K Club Golf Course, County Kildare, Ireland, to watch the Pro-Am of this year’s Irish Open held by Rory McIlroy. My friend and I drove two hours to…

Best Dressed at the Met Gala 2016

I love Met Gala night. Seeing all the world’s biggest celebrities arriving dressed to the nines happens only once a year, and with every year comes new surprises. It’s one of…

What About Now?

  Why are we forever putting things off until the last minute, or using the excuse ‘I’ll do it later’. Why not now? I find we’re an extremely lazy generation and have…