#FridayFive: Five Breakfast Spots in Dublin

Friday Five

I’m currently on my way home from Dublin as I’ve just witnessed the great Fleetwood Mac in concert last night (review to come) and thought I’d write a post about some of my favourite breakfast spots.

If you know me, you’ll know that I’m always in Dublin. Sometimes I visit Dublin more times in the year than I visit my hometown up north. I absolutely love Dublin and know it like the back of my hand now. I’ve got a blog post coming up in a few weeks detailing ten hotels to stay in, in the capital as I’ve now reached that number!

But before that, my favourite meal of the day is breakfast and disappointingly, I haven’t actually had breakfast in that many spots around Dublin as we do tend to revisit our favourites a lot. There are a few that I have on my list to try out and hopefully I can make a new list of five different breakfast places in the future. But for now, here are my top five.

1. The Bakehouse, Bachelor’s Walk

This is the one breakfast spot that I visit almost every time I’m in Dublin. It’s always busy and always serves great food. There are two cafés with one situated in the CHQ building and the one that we always visit which is located along the Liffey river, just opposite the Ha’penny bridge.

The interiors are very pink and very aesthetically pleasing. On a sunny day, they have picnic-style tables outside and it’s the best way to start the morning watching the hundreds of tourists walk by as they venture up and down the Liffey towards O’Connell Street or Temple Bar.

I’ve ordered quite a few things off the menu and can say that I’ve been impressed by everything that I’ve eaten. If you’re an omlette person, I would definitely recommend as they are huge. I’ve had the avocado on toast (obvs), smoked salmon on a large potato rosti and the pancakes. This place is a must visit for breakfast!

2. Sophie’s, Harcourt Street

Sophie’s is a more up-market spot for breakfast, but one that I love visiting on a day when the weather is good as it’s situated on the top floor of The Dean Hotel just past Grafton Street and St. Stephen’s Green.

For Insta-worthy pics of the view as well as the breakfast, it’s somewhere I would definitely recommend. The breakfast menu isn’t extensive, but the food on offer is incredible and worth the little added expense.

If you’re planning on going, I would suggest making a reservation although the last two times I’ve been I’ve just turned up but just to be on the safe side, I would book as it does be very busy.

3. Beanhive, Dawson Street

The Beanhive is such a great spot for breakfast – if you can get a seat. To be so good, it’s such a shame that the café is so small. I think there’s only four tables inside (and quite squashed) but they also have larger picnic tables outside which is perfect when the sun is shining.

I would say that it is worth the wait to grab a free table as the food is amazing and the coffee even better. If you don’t fancy grabbing breakfast here, I would definitely recommend a coffee as they do a lot of crazy artwork on top of their coffees – you might just get your face in your coffee!

I’ve been to Beanhive for breakfast and lunch before and the fry-up that I had was large and made me miss home quite a bit. If you’re going for lunch, I recommend allowing about half an hour to browse the menu as they have so many sandwich options that you’re going to want to go back and try them all as they all sound so good! The sandwiches even come on coffee bean shaped plates.

4. Madigan’s, O’Connell Street

If you fancy a pint with your breakfast at 8am, you can be guaranteed to get one in Madigan’s. With four pubs around the corner from each other and one in Connolly Station, Madigan’s is quite a hard place to avoid.

If you’re looking for a typical Irish fry, then this is the best place to head as you won’t find any avocado, smoked salmon or halloumi on their menu. Just don’t be surprised to see everyone drinking pints of Guiness or lager with their breakfasts.

5. Brick Alley Cafe, Temple Bar

Located in the tourist hotspot that is Temple Bar, you will find this very quaint little café. Just a few doors down from the Temple Bar itself, you’ll find a breakfast spot that isn’t as expensive as you’d expect for the Temple Bar area. I mean, would you rather spend €8 on a pint of Guinness or a fry?

I’ve visited Brick Alley twice now, the first time being when I was severely hungover on the 2nd of January. I remember it well as I slept the whole two hour train journey at 8am and needed something rather stodgy and greasy to bring me around for a full day in Dublin.

I ordered the breakfast panini and to say it went down a treat is an understatement. It was a quiet morning in a usually very busy part of Dublin and I enjoyed reading the Irish post while scoffing my sausage, fried egg and bacon sandwich drowning in ketchup.


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