Start Spreading the News…

…I’m leaving in a few days!!

My visa has been approved, my one-way ticket booked and all that’s waiting is for me to pack my two suitcases and be on my way to the city that never sleeps…


I’ve been planning this move for a very long time now, and when I mean a long time, I mean I started thinking if it was possible back in March and here we are now in August.

If you were wondering why I left my job in Liverpool before graduation and have been seemingly unemployed since, I’ve just been tying up logistics, organising paperwork and getting my visa sorted. Believe me, I’ve gained a lot of grey hairs over the past number of weeks.

From the Orchard County to the Big Apple

It was all very up in the air around July/August when I had just graduated and it seemed that maybe NYC wasn’t going to be for me, but I always say that everything happens for a reason and I’ve ended up in the best possible position, working in Influencer Marketing – which I never thought would have happened.

I can’t even tell you how stressed out I was a few weeks ago when I had a few job offers come in from London, all the while waiting to hear from New York and at the same time, thinking about my last few weeks in Liverpool and the thought of moving back to Lurgan with no ticket out of it again.

But it was on the taxi ride to Liverpool John Lennon Airport that I received the good news, so it made my time at home go by a little better.

Did America just gain another state?

But let’s just take a moment. I’m moving to New York frickin’ City. I’m going to be a New Yorker for a year. I’m going to live in the Big Apple, walk down Madison Avenue, stand in Times Square, go for brunch in Brooklyn, sit on the steps of the Met, go for a run in Central Park and then travel to as many different states as I possibly can in the next 12 months.

You can bet I’m going to have a NYC Bucket List as long as the Hudson River, and I’m planning to tick off every single thing. I’ll of course be taking my blog along with me for the ride, detailing absolutely everything that I get up to, just like my time in London. I’ll definitely be living a little like Carrie Bradshaw in that sense, cooped up in my room with my laptop in the early hours of the morning.

But yeah, it goes without saying that I’ll be posting a lot of pictures on my Instagram, blogging about what I get up to, all my tips and tricks about what I learn and trying to think of as many songs that sing about New York to go alongside my Instagram stories.

From Concert Square to Times Square

I honestly can’t even believe I’m writing this post, because I never thought that I would be moving to New York at 22 years of age. Never in my wildest dreams. I am so, so grateful for everything that I’ve received in these recent years in terms of opportunities and recognition and I hope that it continues down this path in the future.

I’m moving to New York. It really hasn’t set in yet. Back in March/April, I would envision getting the phone call to tell me I was going and I would start to feel nauseous at just the thought of the possibility. But now that it’s a reality, I’ve become quite numb to it. It still doesn’t feel real and I don’t think it will until I’m on that plane flying over the Atlantic Ocean.

Why New York?

Why not?! Throughout my final year at university, the thought of moving back to London again just didn’t sit right with me. I knew I would be on a low salary, going back to house-sharing, back to rushing for the tube, pushing past people and living for the weekends. And I’d seen and done just about all of London during my placement year. London definitely wasn’t calling.

There’s a sign in Grind coffee shop by London Bridge that says, “If a man is bored of London, he is bored of life,” which is probably true, but I just knew that I wanted to experience somewhere else first. I know I’ll end up back in London eventually, but London isn’t going anywhere. Plus, I couldn’t bring myself to leave Liverpool for London again. I’m hoping New York feels a bit closer to home, like John Lennon found it.

“My love of New York, is something to do with Liverpool. There is the same quality of energy in both cities.”

John Lennon, 1971

I have a lot of big dreams about companies I want to work for, places I want to live and things I want to experience before I finally settle down in one place. I’ve said that I want to work in PR/Influencer Marketing in as many cities as possible to gain the experience, and slowly, I’m starting to do that.

I’m not that great at saying goodbyes and I didn’t want to have a leaving party because I’d rather have a ‘Welcome Home’ party. I don’t know, I just think it would be a happier occasion. So actually, not many people know that I’m even moving to New York, except for some of my family and my closest friends, and now you.

Who am I and how did I get here?

It feels like a bit of a whirlwind, having started this blog at the beginning of my second year in Liverpool, following on to London the next year, back to Liverpool for my final year and now we’re going to the US. Thank you if you’ve stuck around from the beginning!! We’re in this together now (sorry to say). This all still feels like a dream.

But, who knows where I will be in 16 months from now – Dubai, Australia, Europe, Singapore, maybe even still in the states or maybe even just back in the UK. I’ll be taking this blog with me anyway, with every new country, city and job.

But for now, it’s off to the land of liberty, the concrete jungle, the metropolis, the best city in the world; it’s off to live the next chapter of my life in New York City.

*Side note: I don’t know how the blogging schedule will work out with me being in New York but I’m hoping to keep blogging at least once per week as well as starting a little NYC diaries series every two weeks or so of all that I get up to. Just like London, somehow my commute is miraculously 7 minutes long so I can’t even get writing on the subway. But the blog will continue when I can grab a few spare minutes. I mean, I’m moving to the city that never sleeps so I don’t really have an excuse not to keep blogging, do I?

** I’ve also just gave away a lot of my upcoming Instagram captions in the headings of this post. Stay tuned for more.


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