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How Influencer Marketing Will Work on TikTok

TikTok – have you heard of it yet? If you haven’t, you’re probably going to be hearing a lot about it in the next coming months. I must confess, I was…

The Lifespan of an Influencer

When I worked in Influencer Marketing during my placement year, I started to get a grasp of just how big the Influencer world is. I started to see the money that…

Do We Share Too Much Online?

Social media. One of my favourite topics to talk about, only I haven’t really voiced those opinions on here that much. I could probably write a book on my thoughts of…

What Makes an ‘Influencer’ an Influencer?

Did you know, there are people out there, self-employed, being paid thousands of pounds just for a post on Instagram? Being taken on all-expenses-paid trips around the world for money-can’t-buy experiences,…